We started our journey as Actors with a passion for Writing and Performing comedy. Intrigued to dip our toes into a new challenge, we decided to get off our big (but sublimely well formed) bottoms and start Producing. What we hadn’t foreseen, was how something that started out as a quest for creative satisfaction would slowly develop in to something bigger and so much better.


We were already writing our own female driven stories but once we started registering the Bechdel Test failure rate on our screens and the lack of behind the camera talent getting through that industry bottle neck, we knew what we had to do. A rush of girl power ran through our veins, a feeling we hadn’t felt since the first time we heard the Spice Girls album.


For the last few years we have dedicated our free time to getting ourselves to a place where we can promote and inspire female roles in the screen comedy industry, whether that be Performers, Writers, Directors or Cinematographers and most importantly spread lovely lady laughs. Now, we don’t hate men! We are female focused, not female only. We love working with men and if men like our content too we think that’s a Brucey Bonus. However, whilst the playing field for women working in the industry is not equal, we will continue to do our bit to make a change. Remember, its all for a good cause. We believe that every time a woman does a small bit of wee in to her Tena Lady, because of a hearty laugh, a LAD somewhere loses a hard on. So giggle away!

about us
Masked Pony Productions have a knack for producing videos that not only look great but feature plenty of comedy lines in them too.
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