Katy Poulter

Producer, Writer, Actor

Katy started out in the industry as an Actress and Comedian. During her time gigging all round the UK her highlights included a private gig at The BBC Bar and winning The Comedy Cafe New Act Competition . During her acting career she has appeared in a wide range of roles from BBCthree comedies to microplays for The Royal Court Theatre. Her slightly unhealthy self obsession lead her to Produce, Write and star in her own comedy series. Discovering that she was surprisingly good at Producing resulted in a mastermind plan for female screen domination and a penchant for sexy cameras.

Francesca Marie Claire

Producer, Writer, Actor

Francesca is an Actor, Writer, Director and Producer. She co-starred in “Rugged Rock” a mockumentary web-series she wrote and produced and later developed into a stage play mentored by Rikki Beadle-Blair in association with Theatre Royal Stratford East. She won Best Animated Film at PFF and was shortlisted in The Funny Women Awards for two of her comedy shorts. Francesca has a passion for creating Theatre for social change, she works as Associate Director or Face Front Inclusive Theatre Company and Little Fish Theatre. As a Performer she has appeared in BBC Sitcoms, British Feature Films and various Theatre Productions.

Gill Dory

Writer, Script Editor

School careers suggested a job in Woolworths, wasn’t keen, so learnt to do shorthand/typing {really badly} which led her to Stockbroking gold and gilts in trading rooms. Went on to be one of the first female Moneybroker desk traders, and then on to trading International Show-jumpers. Whilst raising a small family set up and run her own successful print finishing business. But never made it to Woolworths. However, lurking in this Secondary Modern girl was the desire to create and write, having done a belated Arts Degree she started writing. With a catalogue of Features, Plays and Novels Gill has become a pivotal leg in the Masked Pony tripod.

Recent Collaborators

Oliver Julian
Dan Hodgson
Luciana Riso
Director of Photography
Carolina Giammetta
David Pimm
Director of Photography
Nina Aufderheide
Art Director
Ellen Waddell